Fall, Blok M Square Elevator Clashed

Fall, Blok M Square Elevator Clashed
Elevator at Blok M Suare, Jakarta gived Police Line
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JAKARTA - Around 13.00 pm on Friday (17/3), an elevator located in Blok M Square mall free fall from the third floor to the ground. Lift full contain Blok M Square visitor after Friday prayers.

"The elevator is full," said Antoni, an eyewitness to the incident location.

Antoni said when the elevator fell filled the majority of visitors who just fished Friday prayers.

"Because full,
I'm forced out," said Antoni.

There are some other people who came out of the elevator. Once the door was closed and moved to the bottom, not long after that hear a thump.

"Then people say there is a lift down. I checked down to the bottom of the lift turns it fell on the floor ground," said Antoni.

Here are the names of the victims of this incident:
1. Sutoto, 40 yrs
2. Salmudin, 33 yrs
3. Bumi Suhartan, 31 yrs
4. Diana, 18 yrs
5. Hani Nurhasanah, 18 yrs
6. Lesi, 25 yrs
7. Sadiq Al Beri, 41 yrs
8. Ridwan, 48 yrs
9. David Evan, 26 yrs
10. Ari Budi Nugraha, 19 yrs
11. Ade Gunawan, 16 yrs
12. Wisnu Panduwinata, 30 yrs
13. Yasa, 41 yrs
14. Nina Azmia, 18 yrs
15. Nadira Indriani, 18 yrs
16. Afdal, 50 yrs
17. Widyaningrum, 19 yrs
18. Endang Supriatna, 28 yrs
19. Sunardi, 21 yrs
20. Subiri, 57 yrs
21. Mahmud, 20 yrs
22. Irfan Irmansyah, 21 yrs
23. Bagus Pribadi, 19 yrs
24. Indra Nur Rahman, 24 yrs
25. Suna Wijaya, 52 yrs
For this time the victim is still in the handling by medical team of Pertamina Hospital, South Jakarta.

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