Reap Reactions, Emil Said Work and Dedication will Answer All of Them

Reap Reactions, Emil Said Work and Dedication will Answer All of Them
Ridwan Kamil
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BANDUNG - Ridwan Kamil candidacy as West Java gubernatorial candidate by the National Democratic Party (NasDem), Sunday (19/3) reap netizen reactions. There is support, there was a sad, and not a little disappointed with the step man familiarly called Kang Emil.

Harsh comments coming from the majority of netizen. Most questioned move of this Bandung mayor's why it would be carried bearer by party blasphemer. Not a few netizens who asked Emil Kang commitment to continue the development of Bandung.

As disclosed @rezawawaw Instagram account, NasDem
party only use Ridwan Kamil credibility to boost his party.

"Nasdem Party cadres do not have any, so he was looking for a name and start first because he knew Kang Emil potential win".
 Reap Reactions, Emil Said Work and Dedication will Answer All of Them
As is known, NasDem
party is new party and in legislative elections 2014 only get 1,035,729 votes or about 4.89 percent.

In fact, rejection directly to
Ridwan Kamil which nomination by NasDem party's delivered via Ridwan Kamil Facebook account. Irfan Arif account one of them.

"Sorry Kang Emil, I am not so supported Kang Emil. Initially you so I expect to be the Governor of West Java. But cause the stretcher was a party that you make a lot of controversy, defense insults Al Quran and many discrediting Islam through media that he had, I can not support you, unless you brought the other party," wrote Arif.
Many of the netizen more advised Ridwan Kamil ahead from independent paths. Most of the comments are based on experience and a bad image to the political parties, ranging from issues of injustice to the relation between religion and political parties.

As written Aninditta Sharif in Ridwan Kamil Facebook account: "Kang Emil which handsome and pious.. Suppose advanced Jabar 1, we support all... but not through party.. through independent, believe me many choose..Insya Allah .. Please consider again...  You are like a lot of popular artists that make interest.. Be careful not to get stuck at prying .. I wish to download the already successful.. they (parties) do not know what it feels like ancient battered your support, PKS and Gerindra.
Reap Reactions, Emil Said Work and Dedication will Answer All of Them
Related number of reactions related to this candidacy, Ridwan Kamil spoke. In his Instagram and Facebook account, Ridwan explained the reason why he wants the party supported.

Many ask WHY?

The answer is very multi-dimensional.
1. Being official
governor candidate if already signed up to the Election Commission. In the course of many turns and twists. Can such figures in Jakarta splashy in the beginning it was not so. Can, as already declared, that could change in  H-1 by a new name.

2. Today as an independent, nature receptive to the aspirations of anyone intending good support. The manner is grateful, rather than resisting the arrogant. After all, the decision certainly still far away. The day after tomorrow there is additional support,
yes I'm waiting, also if not just accept destiny.

3. What's with this party. Why not with the parties earlier? because earlier
party, has been communicated, but there is no answer. Not sure also want and each has its own schedule and procedures that must be respected. Instead of big flavor certainly supported, if it is not so?

4. Each political situation there is always a choice to like do not like. I've already been through in 2013. Half my friendship right back as I advance Bandung election supported the party. Sad? yes. But just when it passed the process with sincerity. And evidenced by working with maximal when elected mayor. Most friendship was not to return again.

5. People think this is
lust merely a political? if only participate lust, Bandung is deprecated to be a candidate for governor in Jakarta yesterday. Next year 2018 that I fulfill duties as mayor for 5 years. Completed on time. Bandung promise has not been settled? true. But there are still two fiscal years 2017 and 2018 to be spent chasing the rest of the dream.
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