See Beautiful BCL in Middle Jakarta Slums

See Beautiful BCL in Middle Jakarta Slums
Bunga Citra Lestari
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JAKARTA - This actress who also singer is indeed always look beautiful in every movie that starred. However, in her latest film 'Mooncake Story', Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) serves as a widow of a child who lived in the slums of Jakarta. And nothing changed, BCL still look beautiful. Whether it deviated from reality of actual situation?

"Wherever the conditions, still there are people who pretty and sweet in life. Not least in the setting of this movie. Let her stay beautiful," said director of 'Mooncake Story', Garin Nugroho when Gala Premiere 'Mooncake Story' in Jakarta, Monday (20/3).

Acting as a Asih, BCL minimalist look in make-up. Initially, she even refused to use make-up time of filming. But she knew her face would look greasy if no make-up at all.

"Of course, if you do not wear makeup, oil more easily in advance. Finally, use makeup, but very thin powder. Request of the director is like that and I'm glad," said BCL.

Look natural in a film actually does not matter to Ashraf Sinclair's wife.

"Moreover, this is a rare look people see of me. So exciting, though. Some like, some do not like. But no problem for me," she said.

Speaking of the film's theme, Garin said the film will be present in the community with a very deeply
moral message. Tells the story of two people from two different social classes and then meet and discover the meaning of life because they support each other. Before finally opened each issue in life.
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