In One Night, 78 Slander Attack Anies-Sandiaga

In One Night, 78 Slander Attack Anies-Sandiaga
Anies-Sandiaga in Manager Forum MNC Grup
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JAKARTA - Candidate number three, Anies-Sandiaga Uno answer many issues related hoaxes or hoaxes are often attacked candidate with slogan have "Maju Bersama" slogan.

Anies s
aid, this time he and his team already have a website that can 'fight' the hoax news, the site is called

"In last night had been there 78 slander attacking us on the site," said Anies answered questions moderator, Aryo Bimo in Manager Forum XXVII
at MNC News Center building, Jakarta, Friday (7/4).

Sandiaga said that if many people are consumed with hoax. Even people who already know Sandiaga quite long wondered with this hoax news.

"In addition site, we also formed a
anti hoax task force. For example, there is a political contract agreement hoax news 'Jakarta Bersyari'ah'. I just do not like clay signatures, it was not like it at all. People who follow me 15-17 year still asking my signature," said Sandiaga.

According to
Sandiaga, news related hoaxes 'Jakarta Bersyari'ah' is doing by people who are not responsible. He said it never occurred to Anies-Sandiaga to make Jakarta with Islamic sharia system.

"It's very divisive. It should let us make this election as the election of a peaceful and unifying democracy," said Sandi

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