Three Suspected Terrorists Arrests Densus 88 in Lamongan

Three Suspected Terrorists Arrests Densus 88 in Lamongan
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JAKARTA - Anti-terror squad, Special Detachment (Densus) 88 has arrested three suspected terrorists in Lamongan District of East Java on Friday (7/4).

"Today, we have arrested three suspected terrorists from two different locations in Lamongan," said police spokesman, Brigadier General Rikwanto.

The squad had firstly arrested 50-year-old suspect Zainal Anshori, who was riding a motorbike along with another suspect Hendis Effendi in front of a junior high school building. Another suspect Zainal Hasan was arrested in Jetak Village, Paciran in Lamongan.

"The three were then brought to the East Java police headquarters for further investigation," he remarked.

Meanwhile, Senior Commissioner Frans Barung Mangera, a spokesman of the East Java police, remarked in Surabaya that the three suspects had been moved to Jakarta.

The suspected terrorists were arrested at 9:30 a.m. local time, and they did not offer any resistance, he revealed.

"For further information, you can contact the Indonesian Police spokesman," he added.

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