Break Through Banyumas Police, This Young Man Jab Two Police

Break Through Banyumas Police, This Young Man Jab Two Police
Banyumas Mapolres breakthrough offenders when arrested by police / Sindonews
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PURWOKERTO - A young man on a motorcycle bursts in Banyumas police office and attacked some members of the police on Tuesday (11/4) afternoon. Three policemen were injured, one hit by motorcycle, two machetes jab by the attacker.

This incident occurred at approximately 10:00 pm. At that time, Banyumas Police want to do a press conference related to the disclosure of theft by weighting.

The attacker named MID (22), citizen of Karangaren village, Kutasari district, Purbalingga. By riding a Honda Beat motorcycle R 3920 SV, he broke into Banyumas Police office yard.

"The attacker on high speed entry and crashing police on behalf of Aiptu Suparta, member unit of Prisoners and Evidence (Sat Tahti) Banyumas Police," said Head of Public Relations of Central Java Police, Commissioner Pol Djarod Padakova in Central Java Police office, Semarang, on Tuesday (11/4).

At that time, said Djarod, Aiptu Sutarta had wanted to help the attacker. However, the perpetrators instead issued a machete. Two other members of the Bripka Irfan and Bripka Karsono, both members of Criminal Investigation Unit Banyumas Police.
Break Through Banyumas Police, This Young Man Jab Two Police
However, the attacker continue to fight. The attacker finally deactivated after other Banyumas Police members surrounded. The victims and the perpetrators brought to a local medical units to do first aid.
As a result of this attack, Bripka Karsono forced to undergo surgery on his left arm. Other victims, Aiptu Suparta were still being treated in Wijayakusma Army hospital, Purwokerto.
"Aiptu Suparta condition still undergoing intensive treatment. He suffered serious injuries as a result of being hit by a the attacker motorcycle," said Chief of Banyumas Police, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Azis Andriansyah.
Now, a motorcycle with plate number 3920 SV R used by the perpetrator also examined bomb squad team Brimob Purwokerto.

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