Monitor Your Plantation System from Tablet or Laptop

Monitor Your Plantation System from Tablet or Laptop
Quarto, software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model for plantations businesses
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JAKARTA - A cloud-based intelligent management system designed specifically for oil palm plantations in Indonesia officially introduced. Is LintraMax Sdn. Bhd, a provider of management software solutions grower with PT Earthline, recently introduced Quarto as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

Quarto itself is a comprehensive solution that enables companies to manage the business of their estates by using only one system capable of covering the major functions of business management that proved successful in providing solutions plantation management in an integrated manner to over 600 estates and 70 mills in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea.

Quarto also brings good news for business owners of palm oil plantations in Indonesia who lack resources to address internal IT infrastructure because they can now switch to plantation management using cloud-based systems via mobile technologies such as tablet or laptop computer.

"Without a system of farm management that is integrated as Quarto, plantations often have trouble knowing the actual prevalence in plantation areas. To solve this problem and various other things, we introduced Quarto, the new system is an innovative, efficient, reliable, and secure to improve management estates in a variety of scale," said Founder and Managing Director of LintraMax, Khor Kheng Khoon in Jakarta, recently.

This smart management, said Khor, can be tailored to the needs of Indonesian palm oil industry thanks to the ability of fluent and efficient in meeting the complex requirements of each company.

"The technology is able to shorten sophisticated workflow management and estates to help improve search capabilities and cut costs of plantation management. The new system is also easier for business owners to access the data estates to them anytime and anywhere through a web browser on any mobile phone," he added.
Monitor Your Plantation System from Tablet or Laptop
Khor also acknowledges the release of the Quarto more valuable for LintraMax.

LintraMax focus is to introduce and marketed Quarto to plantations in Indonesia, as one of the important markets. Indonesia has vast market potential for Quarto in delivering effective and intelligent solutions for businesses of oil palm plantations," said Khor.

Meanwhile, Perry Mandeville, President Director Earthline said, LintraMax as one of the services it is able to help customers manage their plantations better in order to achieve maximum potential positive outcomes.

"Earthline will continue to look forward to fruitful collaboration with LintraMax and all its components," explained Perry.

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