JNE Denies Reported in Crime Action

JNE Denies Reported in Crime Action
PT JNE office
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JAKARTA - Related news mentioning if director of  PT Tiki Line Ekakurir Nugraha (JNE) reported to the police caused accused lost the customer package by Glenn Joshua Tangkah, attorney of PT JNE, Sulistya Adi denied charges by Glenn Joshua related  unnoticed customer complaints by that expedition company. Not all of Joshua accusations were true.

"Not everything is true. Glenn Joshua Tangkah indeed been using the services of our client delivery on January 26, 2016 based on the evidence AWB shipment No.CGKBW09520711916 not dated March 19, 2016 to submit a package of documents with the aim of Cianjur, but for one reason or another the package belongs Glenn Joshua T is not up to the recipient," said Sulistya Adi in clarification to SINDOnews, Thursday (13/4).

He said, Joshua had bound accountability agreement replacing lost items set forth in the Terms of Delivery Standards (CNS). It was based on Law No 38/2019 on UU POS and Government Regulation No.15 of 2013 concerning the implementation of the Act.

"Our clients have responded to complaints Glenn Joshua Tangkah well to hold a meeting in March 2017 and said it would be responsible to provide compensation in accordance with applicable laws and regulations to him," he said.

However, he admitted that the process of restitution that has not happened. This is because Joshua has not provided the required file completeness.

"Realization of the process of compensation payment has not clear yet cause Glenn Joshua
Tangkah has not provided complete files that are required for the process of compensation payment," he said.

Moreover, Joshua had reported claims related criminal acts to the police is also incorrect. Based on information obtained from the police, there were no reports related to this issue.

"Based on information from the office of the Metropolitan Police (Police) of West Jakarta, there is no police report on the alleged criminal offense to our clients, there is a police report number: B/526/II/2017/ res.jakbar, in the form of letter of acceptance report lost letters/articles made by Glenn Joshua
Tangkah on February 27, 2017," he added.

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