What The Cheverly Masterpieces Now?

What The Cheverly Masterpieces Now?
Cheverly Amalia
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LOS ANGELES - This multi talented artist preparation for her new masterpieces, that will have an collaboration with Indonesian filmmaker, composer and singer.

"I will never give up to reach out my dreams, make plenty of masterpieces and have a tremendously collaboration with around the globe filmmakers," Cheverly said on Thursday (13/4).

As known, Cheverly Amalia is an actress,producer and director for 'London Virginia' (2010), 'The Blackout Experiment' (2014), 'Test Nyali' ( 2015) and 'Evolve' (2016)

In 2014, she completed her feature film in USA and received an Nomination for HRIFF. And not only that, the other Cheverly films was also nominated at several film festivals in Asia.

Now, Cheverly itself concern in United States (US) to work and continue his career.
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