Debt of Drugs, Motive of One Family Killing

Debt of Drugs, Motive of One Family Killing
One family killing in Medan, North Sumatra, recently / Sindonews
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MEDAN - Motive for murder of one family in Medan Deli, Medan, North Sumatra, apparently because the victim ,Riyanto has a debt of methamphetamine.

"Based on the recognition of suspect Andi Lala, murder was committed because victim (Riyanto) has a debt of 
methamphetamine worth Rp5.1 million," said Chief of North Sumatra Police, Inspector General Rycko Amelza Dahniel in North Sumatra Police on Monday (17/4).

However, he continued, it is still continuing to develop the investigation.

"So far, we are still developing the investigation, because it is possible that there are other suspects besides Andi Lala," he said.

Therefore, he continued, in the case of this heinous murder is revealed, suspect (Andi Lala) was already do
a murder too.

"The killing which doing by suspect there are two series. The first series murder
named Suherman. That was in 2015, the second series occurred in 2017," he explained.

As is known, five people are still a family found dead in his home, Manga
an road, Gang Benteng, Lingkungan XI, Mabar Village, District of Medan Deli, Medan, North Sumatra on Sunday (9/4).

The murder originally known by Serimpi (40), a neighbor of the victim. At 09.00 pm last, Serimpi call Sri Aryani (40) for shopping. However, after some time was called, Sri Aryani did not answer.

Serimpi then went to the house of Sri Aryani. How shocked he was when he found the five bodies covered in blood lying in the house. The fifth victim was
Riyanto (40), Sri Aryani (40), Sumarni (60), Naya (13) and Gilang (8). Meanwhile, a child named Kinara (4) in critical condition.

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