This Three Edict Ahead of Jakarta Elections Round Two

This Three Edict Ahead of Jakarta Elections Round Two
Jakarta Election 2017 round two illustrated
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JAKARTA - Police issued a joint declaration signed by Jakarta Police, Jakarta General Election Commision (KPU Jakarta) and Jakarta Supervisory Board Elections (Bawaslu). That join declartion is about absence of a mass mobilization in the polling stations when second round voting of Jakarta Gubernatorial Election 2017 .

"The existence of a masections mobilization feared to disrupt and voters will be intimidated or worried, then we publish  the edict,"
Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police, Commissioner Raden Prabowo Argo Yuwono said at the Jakarta Police Headquarters, Monday (17/4).

The edict contain three points.

First, each person is prohibited to carry out mass mobilization to intimidate physically and psychologically in the form of
activity whatever that is coming to the polling station in Jakarta not to exercise their voting rights, because it can make the situation in Jakarta less conducive and people can feel intimidated physically and psychologically, while existing election organizers namely KPU Jakarta and supervisory authorities elections are Bawaslu Jakarta and staff

Second, if there is a group of people from outside Jakarta who will carry out these activities, police,
army and the agency will carry out prevention and checkpoints on the road and will be asked to come back and when already in Jakarta will be returned to their respective regions.

Third, when a group of people are still forced to come to Jakarta and in violation of the rule of law, it will be penalized and processed according to legal procedures.

also explained about the security at the polling station election carried out with the 1-1-2 pattern. This means that each polling station will be kept a policeman, a member of army and two KPPS.

There is also an independent watch in each polling station for
assisted Commission.

"Fliers apparently duty officer at the polling station, there is also a joint patrols, using either the two-wheeled vehicles and four wheels," he said.

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