Rupiah Fall 44 Points to Rp13.299/USD

Rupiah Fall 44 Points to Rp13.299/USD
Rupiah and US dollar illustrated
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JAKARTA - Rupiah against US dollar (USD) on Tuesday (18/4) opened lower. Rupiah in the Bloomberg index slipped two points or 0.02 percent to Rp13.288 per US dollar at 9:50 pm and is getting mired 14 points or 0.11 percent to Rp13.300 / USD.

esterday, Indonesia currency ended down 27 points to Rp13.286 per US dollar.  And traded in a range Rp13.253-Rp13.289 per US dollar.

Meanwhile, Yahoo Finance noted rupiah opened briefly rise to Rp13.281 per USD, but at 09.30 pm, turned down 14 points or 0.10 percent to Rp13.295 per US dollar position. IDR at Monday's closing down 26 points or 0.20 percent to a level of Rp13.279 per US dollar.

According SINDOnews data which sourced from Limas, rupiah on Tuesday opened Rp13.295 per US dollar, down 25 points from the position on Monday at Rp13.270 per US dollar.

Jakarta Interbank Spot Dollar Rate (Jisdor) BI
reference rate said rupiah on Tuesday pegged at Rp13.299 depreciated by 44 points from the position last Monday at Rp13.255 per US dollar. The weakening of the rupiah caused in addition to the positive sentiment was also induced poor start to the strengthening of the USD.

According Reuters, index of dollar proclaim away from lows after the statement by US Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin about tax reform and a space for dollar.

To the Financial Times, Mnuchin said that the views of US President, Donald Trump said it is too strong dollar in the short term is hurting exports. Make US products less competitive in world markets. However, he added, that the strength of the currency in the long term is a positive thing.

In addition, US economic dialogue with Japan also makes the dollar strengthened against the yen. The dollar took advantage gained 0.1 percent to 109.040 yen level after being at 108.130 yen Monday. The index which measures the USD against a basket of major currencies DXY flat at 100.290.

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