Nine Money Politics Reports Sign in

Nine Money Politics Reports Sign in
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JAKARTA - Elections Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) collects money politics nine reports that occurred during the second round of Jakarta election and entered in the investigation Center for Law Enforcement Integrated (Gakkumdu).

Bawaslu comissioner, Rahmat Bagja explained, the ninth report in the process of the investigation beyond the first two reports were received and has been followed by the police or the prosecutor.

"There were nine cases of entry Gakkumdu, it was beyond the two already in first. All of nine was the money
politics," said Bagja in Jakarta, Tuesday (18/4).

For th
at nine reports it has carried out the investigation and clarification related violations. He hoped, the nine reports can immediately complete the proof, so that it can soon be handed over to the police. Then the prosecutor for further proceedings degree.

"We hope this nine will go to the police, the prosecutor's office and then to trial soon," he said.

According to him, money politics has become a fairly massive violations during the second round of Jakarta election. In addition to violations in form of SARA, the campaign in places of worship, black campaign
and code of conduct and register voters.

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