This 23 Anies-Sandi Promise for Charged Immediate

This 23 Anies-Sandi Promise for Charged Immediate
Anies Baswedan-Sandiaga Uno
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JAKARTA - Jakarta will be have a new leader. The second round of the Jakarta gubernatorial election on Wednesday (19/4) which participated more than 7.2 eligible voters, ended with a probability would have a new governor and a new vice governor.

The results of several credible pollsters quick counts, which some national TV stations broadcast following the official closure of polling booths, showed Anies Baswedan-Sandiaga Uno pair leading the gubernatorial race.

Based Quick Count by iNews Research, Anies-Sandi acquire 59.23 percent of the vote, while Ahok-Djarot 40.77 percent of the vote.

Anies-Sandi made 23 promise if elected to lead Jakarta. And this promise should charged soon if they lead the capital:

1. Revise and expand the benefits in the form of Jakarta Smart Card Plus for all school age children (6-21 years), which can also be used for Study Group A, B and C package, madrasas, schools and vocational training and equipped with cash assistance for poor families.

2. Revise and expand the benefits in the form of cards Jakarta Health Card Plus by adding special facilities for the tutor, Sunday School teacher, a guard house of worship, preachers, preachers and religious leaders.

3. Opening of 200,000 new jobs, build and activate 44 post development entrepreneur citizens to generate 200,000 new entrepreneur for five years.

4. Develop and improve the quality of Vocational Education to integrate the business into it to produce graduates who are directly absorbed into the world of work and entrepreneurship.

5. Controlling the prices of basic necessities to maintain the availability of raw materials and simplify the distribution chain, as well as providing Jakarta Food Card to increase the purchasing power of the poor people and revitalize traditional markets and traders to improve the welfare of the traders.

6. Stop the Jakarta Bay Reclamation for the sake of preserving the environment and the protection of fishermen, coastal communities and all citizens of Jakarta.

7. Building a clean government, modern and served based on transparency, accountability and exemplary civic engagement and by optimizing the use of technology (Smart City).

8. Develop performance and governance to realize up to 95 percent of the work plan, get an unqualified opinion on the financial statement audit, predicate 80 in Government Performance Accountability Report (LAKIP), stopping the practice of irregularities in the bureaucracy, and improve asset management belongs to Jakarta Provincial Government.

9. Increasing Realization Program Plan (budget absorption capacity) to broaden the scope and effectiveness of flood prevention programs and congestion, rehabilitation and preservation of the environment and waste management.
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