Paytren Penetrate 10 Million Users

Paytren Penetrate 10 Million Users
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BANDUNG - Paytren, a technology finance company (fintech) initiated by Ustadz Yusuf Mansur held Paytren Vaganza 2017. The program was held to support cashless transaction program initiated by Bank Indonesia (BI).

According to President Director of Paytren, Hari Prabowo, until now the number of Paytren users has reached 1.4 million people where 90 percent comes from Indonesia. Every day, the number of paytren users claimed to grow between 3000-4000 users.

"Alhamdulillah, we are targeting this year Paytren users in the world can penetrate the number of 10 million," said Hari in Bandung, Saturday (8/5).

According to him, type of digital transactions that most
use in Paytren applications are pay credit and buy airline tickets. However, if abroad the majority is used for remittances.

"Why sending money, because the cost of sending money through Paytren is cheaper than other remittance systems," he said.
Paytren Penetrate 10 Million Users
The number of transactions through Paytren application continues, every day reaches 200-300 thousand transactions per day or equivalent to Rp 5.6 billion to Rp 8 billion.

"We are constantly committed to helping the government to digitize all public transactions, because non-cash transactions are safe and fast," he said.

On this occasion, Ustadz Yusuf Mansyur confirmed if allegations that Paytren is money game and illegal need to be proved on a solid basis.

"The money game features, pay out more than 40 percent, while Paytren 35 percent. Money game is no product to sold. There is no official office, while we have two offices, one in Jakarta, one in Bandung," firmly Yusuf Mansyur.

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