Again, Insurance Customer Sue The Claim

Again, Insurance Customer Sue The Claim
Insurance claim lawsuit in South Jakarta District Court, Tuesday (9/5)
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JAKARTA - The insurance industry has grown rapidly in recent years. Unfortunately, this growth is still colored by a classic problem between customers and insurance companies.

Recently, an insurance customer in Medan got mad at a reputable insurance agency office because his claim was not paid. The video had become viral in cyberspace.

Unpaid insurance claims also happened to an insurance customer in Jakarta. Jasmany, an insurance policy holder in Central Jakarta sued Zurich Insurance Indonesia's insurance to court because his claim was not paid full.

asmany lawsuit which also owner of UD Berkah Motor in Kelapa Gading area, North Jakarta is currently being tried in South Jakarta District Court (PN) with lawsuit number 128 / Pdt.g/2017/PN.Jkt.Sel.

Jasmany through his attorney asked Zurich Insurance Indonesia to pay for the lack of payment of insurance claims.

"We are registering this lawsuit to request justice to the panel of judges on the object of coverage to be replaced 100 percent of the building and stock of goods," said Axel, Jasmany's l
awyer after court in South Jakarta District Court on Tuesday (9/5).

Axel said, his client always extend the policy every year with the process of checking the physical value of the building and stock of existing goods.

Jasmany added, since the case occurred on December 7, 2015, until now the settlement of payments from the insurer never completed. Whereas four months after the date of the incident, the claim must be completed.

"I filed a claim for compensation with claim number 1170962 and in the clause, a fire
accident is one event that is borne at 100 percent and four months after incident, claim must be paid full," said Jasmany.

Until now, he added, the insurer pays only Rp1.2 billion from total coverage of Rp6.75 billion, with details of losses on buildings amounting to Rp2.7 billion and stock items in stores amounting to Rp4.028 billion.

Separately,  Representative of Zurich Insurance Indonesia, Salama Devi Topobroto said this case still being processed in South Jakarta District Court. 

"Zurich Insurance Indonesia commited to fulfiling the cl
aims settlement at timely manner with provision of prevailing legislation and business practisies in general insurance industry," she said.

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