Malang Regency Tourism Can Beat Bali

Malang Regency Tourism Can Beat Bali
Balekambang beach at south Malang Regency
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JAKARTA - Tourism potential of Malang Regency seeks not only known residents of Malang people. But it should also be flying on the national stage, even internationally.

For that purpose, officially, Malang Regency branding 'The Heart of East Java' has been launched, some time ago at Jakarta Marketing Week 2017 event. With the introduction of new logo, the promotion of tourism will be intensified by
Malang District

The potential of tourism in Malang regency was judged to beat Bali. Minister of Tourism (Menpar) Arief Yahya mention, tourism potential in Malang Regency no doubt.

"Many recreational packages are available, from nature tourism, culture, sports, and art, where you can pack the products that are interesting to sell, the product or the process, just take the example of the keris tourism culture, the keris products can be used as souvenirs. Meanwhile, the process can be used as an educational tour," said Arif.

"Bali can move forward because of its strong culture and its spiritual value. If Malang regency can serve it, it will be more rapidly," he added.

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