Two Alleged Poso Terrorists Shot to Death

Two Alleged Poso Terrorists Shot to Death
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POSO -  Two alleged members of Eastern Indonesia Mujahiddin were killed in a shoot incident with Raider forces in Tinombala Operations Task Force on Monday (15/5) afternoon.

In a shootout at mountains of Poso Pesisir sub-district, Private Zulfikar, a Raider member also was injured and immediately evacuated by helicopter to the 714/Sintuwu Marosso Infantry Battalion headquarters. Then, he was taken by ambulance to Poso Hospital because his wound to the back of the armpits.

After firefight, Tinombala Operations Task Force managed to seize one wind rifle and one SS1-type A1 assault rifle.

Meanwhile, two suspected members of East Indonesian Mujahiddin killed in the shoot-out had not been able to be evacuated due to bad weather and difficult terrain. The accompanied fog made it difficult to evacuate the two bodies, which are about five kilometers from the nearest township.

Until now there has been no official statement from the Tinombala Operations Task Force related to the shootout that resulted in the fall of two dead and one TNI member who was shot.

So far, the Tinombala Task Force is still pursuing the remains of Santoso's men. Based on police records there are still nine members of the Santoso group hiding in Poso.

They are Ali Ahmad alias Ali Kalora, Firdaus aka Daus aka Barok Rangga, Kholid, Askar alias Jaid, Basir, Abu Alim, Qatar aka Farel, Moh. Faizal, and Nae aka Galuh.

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