Cheverly Amalia 'Locked Up' in Cage

Cheverly Amalia Locked Up in Cage
Cheverly Amalia and Dela Dewi in sidelines of cover of her latest song in Jakarta, Sunday (14/5)
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JAKARTA - For the sake of maximum performance, artist who is also a model, Cheverly Amalia must be willing 'locked up' in a cage. Why it can be?

"I like a doll that can not do anything in the cage," Cheverly said on the sidelines of cover of her latest song in Jakarta, Sunday (14/5).

Cheverly is already widening wings to the Indonesian music scene as a singer. This 33-year-old woman released her latest song titled 'The Cage'.  This song is third single released as a singer. Previously she had released a song used as the soundtrack of film 'London Virginia'.

"The song is about a chained woman who can not move because the scope does not support her to grow. The theme of the song itself is inspired by the lyrics in cartoons," she said.

In accordance with the theme song, cover of this song is also made with a dynamic and futuristic theme of black-colored cotton shirt.

"I choose a c
lothes that looks like a cage but in a clothes form, there are beads to look glamorous. I also give blue lipstick to Cheverly lips for fit the song is sad," said Dela Dewi, fashion stylist who also pursue her career in US.
Not only the album cover, Cheverly and Dela Dewi also immediately prepared a video clip for 'The Cage'. Filming video clips will be done in the US, where they both pursue a career today.

"The clothes will
made by world's clothing designer for top singers like Katy Perry," said Cheverly.

Cheverly Amalia is currently choosing a career in the US. She even had time to steal the attention in by working on the 'The Blackout Experiment'
movie. Because of her talent, she also had a chance to invite as guests at Golden Globe and Los Angeles Fashion Week 2017 event, recently.
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