Stop Use Religion Issue as Political Object

Stop Use Religion Issue as Political Object
Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) when arrive in Cipinang prison, recently
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JAKARTA - The law is the commander, all must submit. No exception to public officials. This is to be emphasized on the verdict handed down by the judges of  non-active Jakarta governor, Basuki T Purnama (Ahok) case.

"Legal is a mechanism to solve the problem fairly and dignity, and all parties, not to mention, must obey it, even if it is official," said the candidate of Law
Doctoral from Jayabaya University Jakarta, Lusiana Sanato in Jakarta, Wednesday (17/5).

He also asks all parties to uphold a fair and civilized law enforcement process. And do not make it a power struggle to engineer or impose the will.

"With the record, the judicial process must maintain the supremacy, justice, certainty and legal benefits without any intervention from any party," she said.

Lusiana also asked that religion issue should not be used as a political object.

"The country will be damaged if issue of religion used as a maneuver for practical political activities," she said.

Meanwhile, criminal law observer, Youngky Fernando noticed, there is an interesting case in Ahok.

"In the perspective of Indonesia's Criminal Justice System (SPPT), suspects or defendants should be able to prove the gravest mistake by investigators and public prosecutors and their rights of freedom will be narrowed, but in the case of Ahok is the opposite," said Youngky.

In the case of Ahok, he sees discriminatory treatment when compared to a suspect and a defendant in the same case.

"The discrimination reveals an injustice to the accused and other defendants in the same case," Youngky said.

Youngky hopes in the future, law enforcement must be based on the rule of law, not according to its subjectivity.

"This is also seen by the dismissal of Ahok as Governor of Jakarta since becoming a defendant," added Youngky.

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