Malfunctioned Cannon, Four Indonesia Army Soldiers Killed

Malfunctioned Cannon, Four Indonesia Army Soldiers Killed
Giant Bow cannon
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NATUNA - Incidents in preliminary rehearsal of Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) Fast Resistance Troop (PPRC) in Natuna, Riau Islands, on Wednesday (17/5) justified by TNI.

Head of Army Information Service (Kadispenad), Brig. Gen. Alfret Denny Teujeh explained, four soldiers died and eight other soldiers were injured due to incidents during this exercise.

" Army chief expressed his deepest condolences on death of four best soldiers of Armed Forces in incident in Natuna and the families are given fortitude," Alfret said in Jakarta on Wednesday.

He explained, that the incident occurred in preliminary practice of PPRC TNI which was held around 11:21 pm. At that time, one of the Giant Bow c
annon from the Arhanud 1/K Battalion that was shooting was malfunctioned in elevation barrier equipment, so it could not be controlled.

"As a result, four soldier died and eight other soldiers from Yon Arhanud I Kostrad were injured and was evacuated to the nearest hospital," he said.

Currently, TNI is conducting an in-depth investigation of the incident. The peak of PPRC training will be attended by President Joko Widodo, Friday (19/5).

Based on information, four dead soldier is Batter
ai Commander (Danrai) Captain Arh Heru Bayu, Pratu Ibnu Hidayat, Pratu Marwan and Praka Edy.

While the wounded soldiers, namely Pratu Bayu Agung, Serda Alpredo Siahaan, Prada Danar, Sertu B Stuaji, Serda Afril, Sertu Blego Switage, Pratu Ridai And Pratu Didi Hardianto.

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