Unlucky in Indonesian Idol, Flo Incoming Recording

Unlucky in Indonesian Idol, Flo Incoming Recording
Vionita Shinta
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JAKARTA - Failed win the talent show Indonesian Idol 2014 doesn't mean stop in music. Vionita Shinta instead started in Indonesian music industry, just when she failed.

Initially,  woman who is familiarly called Flo is desperate c
aused not win the talent search event belonging RCTI that she followed. However, with hard effort, her dream of entering recording studio materialized.

"I think, why should be discouraged, although when in th
at talent search event just enter top 30, not necessarily traumatized to still be able to work in world of music," said Flo in Jakarta, recently.

New single girl who born March 9, 1993, was pop genre with a mellow tone to give the distinctive color. Her video clip also completed the process.

"The video clip worked by young director Cheverly Amalia and fashion stylist Dela Dewi. Much to help me," she said.

'Bukalah Hatinya'
song belongs to Flo itself is packed very simple. The music section made pop that is quite easy listening. While on the lyrics tells the story of women who fall in love but do not dare to expressed it. So, the man does not know what he feels.

"The song easy listening, music is light and nice to enjoy. Before release, I've been hearing with some friends and the results are good, we also have promo on some radio,
and the results were positive," she said.

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