Police Pursue Installer of 'Garudaku Kafir' Posters at Undip Campus

Police Pursue Installer of Garudaku Kafir Posters at Undip Campus
'Garudaku Kafir' poster at Undip Semarang, Central Java
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SEMARANG - Provocative posters that read 'Garudaku Kafir' at Diponegoro University (Undip) campus, Semarang, Central Java circulated lately. The perpetrator allegedly took advantage of the lonely campus situation of lecturing activities.

Central Java Police (Polda) until now still deepens this case.

"We are still in the case (provocative posters) .The investigators from Police Central Java and Semarang Police still collect information from (witnesses) who are around campus and person who saw it
first," said Head of Public Relations of Central Java Police, Commisaris Djarot Padakova, Thursday (18/5).

He added that police also deployed intelligence services to uncover the case. The reason, strong allegations of posters dominated by red residents were posted when campus was quiet of student activity because it coincided with the holiday of Vesak Day and the selection of new admissions.

"The possibility can be from outside, we can not confirm it because we are still investigating this new post we found yesterday, we also appeal to people who see people enter the first campus area or even see the stick ( Posters) immediately inform the police," he said.

For known, some provocative posters are affixed to the magazine of Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP) Undip on Tuesday, May, 16 morning. Poster with the symbol of Garuda Pancasila Bird state inscribed 'Garudaku Kafir'. Then, at the bottom of poster written 'In front of
A Building FISIP UNDIP May 20, 2017 at 15:30 pm'.

Campus parties also moved quickly by removing all posters and directly coordinate with police on these findings. In addition, the planned activities on May 20, according to the contents of the poster, done by the person, and not the official activity of Undip students.

"The initial information we received on Tuesday afternoon, and in the evening we directly coordinated with the relevant leaders, to remove the poster," Dean of Fisip also make sure not to issue permits and no permission to do activities on campus," said Public Relations of Undip, Nuswantoro.

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