Coming Soon... Fast, Long Lasting and Affordable Prices Home

Coming Soon... Fast, Long Lasting and Affordable Prices Home
Shera product
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TANGERANG - Ever imagined there was a type of 36 house that could be built in less than two months by a minimal worker?

This is being designed by Shera Building Solution Indonesia,
Thailand manufacturer of wood replacement material from cement fiber, Mahaphant Fiber Cement. With affordable production cost below Rp100 million per house, this project is expected to answer the solution of fast home needs but affordable prices and durable.

"We call it SHERA Home, maybe next year we test it. This could be a solution to the needs of homes that need a quick settlement time such as for relocation of victims of natural disasters or employees
mess in middle of the forest and farm," said President Director of PT Shera Building Solution Indonesia, Gabriel Montadaro at Indo Buildtech 2017 in Tangerang, Wednesday (17/5).

He continued, with support of materials produced by Shera, th
at project is not impossible. Because, advanced technology of SHERA Fiber Composite Solution (FCS) that combines fiber, silica, sand and cement to form a better base material than wood can be used and installed for roofs, ceiling boards, flooring, lisplang in quick time.

Coming Soon... Fast, Long Lasting and Affordable Prices Home

a floor has the ability to withstand a maximum load of 400 kilograms per square meter. The wall thickness is 3.5 to 4.6 millimeters and the floors are 10, 12, 15, and 20 millimeters.

"Our products can last for at least 10 years, weather-resistant, termite free, no rot, and better fire resistance and better heat absorption. Even door and window frames are also made with cement fiber, but beautiful because it really looks like wood," said Gabriel again.

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