With Nidji, GIGI Wants to be Younger Again

With Nidji, GIGI Wants to be Younger Again
GIGI and Nidji band
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JAKARTA - Moment of fasting that soon come also will be colored by collaboration of two Indonesia top bands, GIGI and Nidji in one event. They ready to give best performance by bringing popular songs which they have.

"Actually GIGI and Nidji have often been backstage at various shows, we want to all-out together now," said vocalist of GIGI, Armand Maulana in The Pallas, Jakarta, recently.

In their concert on May 24, 2017 at The Pallas, Nidji trying to cure longing of music lovers from 90's era.

"Nidji prepares most songs from first album, because we think that's the most fitting. The audience wants to be happy," explained guitarist of Nidji, Rama.

The stage concepts of GIGI and Nidji perform also be bringing together fans of these two bands in one place.

"Wait our collaboration. What we will serve, because our preparation also short," Rama said again.

But Armand promised to give a special stage action. Given the majority of Nidji fans who come from the young generation.

"We see the place and the audience as well, because we gig with Nidji. Fortunately, our music career is long enough, so it can be adjusted," said Armand.

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