Rizieq Shihab Still No Intention to Return

Rizieq Shihab Still No Intention to Return
Rizieq Shihab when arriving in Saudi Arabia / VOA Islam
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JAKARTA - High Priest of Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), Rizieq Shihab has no plans to return to Indonesia soon. The alleged suspect of porn chat with Firza Husein will remain in Saudi Arabia for an unspecified time.

Rizieq Shihab's lawyer, Sugito Atmo asserted, Rizieq will only return if the legal situation in Indonesia is already conducive. In Saudi Arabia, Rizieq and his family are in the midst of worship.

"Fine, worship, read books and attend an iftar," Sugito told to SINDOnews on Sunday (11/6).

In line with Sugito, other Rizieq l
awyer, Kapitra Ampera said there is no clarity when Rizieq arrived in Jakarta.

"No, we will tell them later," said Kapitra.

Kapitra called his client h
ave extension visa from the Saudi Arabian government. This visa extension is valid up to one year ahead.

"There has been a long stay visa for one year," said Kapitra.

For your information, Rizieq Shihab's stay in Saudi Arabia will end on June 12 tomorrow. Even so, the J
akarta Police still prepare the security. Jakarta Police has made various scenarios to secure Rizieq's return.

Head of Public Relations of
Jakarta Police, Commisaris Argo Yuwono said that his side had prepared scenarios to secure Rizieq's return, especially if there is mass mobilization.

"We have made a security plan and every activity stands out, of course we make what kind of security," Argo said.

Argo is not sure when Rizieq will return to the Indonesi

"We do not have information from immigration, if we wait, if we go back to the airport, we will wait at the airport," he said.

Related to the request for Letter of Termination Case
Investigation (SP3) in case of alleged pornography on 'baladacintarizieq' website, Argo said the issuance of SP3 is have regulation.

"There is a SP3 rule, for example when person died," he said.

Police continue to investigate Rizieq and Firza Husein related alleged cases of pornography. There is no reason to publish SP3 yet.

"We continue to investigate, for pornography we keep investigating," argued Argo.
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