Immigration Ready to Repatriate Rizieq Shihab

Immigration Ready to Repatriate Rizieq Shihab
Leader of Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), Rizieq Shihab
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JAKARTA - Regarding correctness of obtained visa by High Priest of Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), Rizieq Shihab, Immigration authorities immediately checked the truth of this matter to the Saudi authorities.

isits visa of Rizieq Shihab in Saudi Arabia itself is already expired today. Extension of visa itself is indeed full authority of the destination country, which in this case is Saudi Arabia.
"Of course it depends on country's rules and regulations, we will check whether Rizieq is granted the visa, and if his lawyer informs us, we will also coordinate with the state who granted the visa, whether it is registered," said Director General Immigration, Ronny F Sompie in Jakarta, Monday (12/6).

According to Ronny, Indonesia not recognize any unlimited visa or special visa that do not recognize the deadline. The term unlimited visa is mentioned by lawyer of Rizieq Shihab, Kapitra Ampera who said this visa makes it easier for Rizieq Shihab to be in Saudi Arabia anytime.

"If in Indonesia we do not give," said Ronny.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of Immigration, Friment F S Aruan added, number of countries. in general do not recognize the existence of unlimited visas. However, some countries call it a permanent residence, where the person does not need to change citizenship but must have a residence permit.

"There is a so-called residence, there is a so-called permanent residence or temporary stay, so that is given to the concerned (Rizieq Shihab), if unlimited it is almost not found in regularly at various countries, which is permanent residence," said Friment.

According to Ronny, in this case the police are entitled to determine how to repatriate Rizieq to Indonesia. Immigration, he added, ready when police want to repatriate Rizieq.

"The police are determining the steps to try to repatriate Rizieq to Indonesia. Will use a path that can be assisted by the Directorate General of Immigration, we are ready to assist law enforcement officers who need activities related to immigration authorities," said Ronny.
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