See New Breakthrough PT Pos Indonesia to Brand Rejuvenation

See New Breakthrough PT Pos Indonesia to Brand Rejuvenation
PT Pos Indonesia brand rejuvenation illustrated (inzet: President Director of PT Pos Indonesia, Gilarsi Wahju Setijono)
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JAKARTA - Tight competition in field of delivery services inevitably make PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) at the age of 271 years to make many changes. One of them by reworking the service package delivery of goods and money.

Through the brand rejuvenation, this government-owned freight forwarder is trying not to drown the increasingly sophisticated era. One is to shift the image that PT Pos Indonesia is only synonymous with letters and money orders, but also has a package delivery service (courier).

"Even we are opening a representative office in Saudi Arabia that focuses on providing shipping services for pilgrims and umroh," said President Director of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero), Gilarsi Wahju Setijono in Jakarta, Tuesday (13/6).

Further explained by Director of Letters and Packages PT Pos Indonesia, Agus F Handoyo, why PT Pos can open its own representative office in Saudi Arabia, whereas usually the package and postal business in each country administered by the state postal company respectively.

"In Saudi Arabia is unique, the postal company there is not too concerned to take care of the package and postal service, just look at it, the post office is quiet, so we try to take this opportunity especially for the service of pilgrims and umroh," said Agus.

PT Pos also, continued Agus will start konsern serving delivery of packages and money from Indonesian Workers (TKI) in several countries.

"The percentage increase is 10-15 percent for the
Indonesian Workers shipment to Indonesia," said Agus.

Wahju added, so far many people do not know if the private package delivery services also rely on PT Pos to deliver goods to the corners of Indonesia.

"Because we have a network to the remote areas. And you can check it yourself, ahead of Idul Fitri usually our shipping volume is double than usual delivery, because we are still serving up to H-1 Idul Fitri," Wahju

So no one, now PT Pos Indonesia will be more active to make changes, one of them through #PaketinAja and #POSbisa

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