There's Rp39 Billion in Luxury Jail of Freddy Budiman Subordinates

Theres Rp39 Billion in Luxury Jail of Freddy Budiman Subordinates
Cipinang Narcotics Penitentiary
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JAKARTA - National Narcotics Agency (BNN) has seized assets and cash totaling Rp39 billion generated from money laundering in a drug case along with four suspects believed to be linked to the late Freddy Budimans network.

"One of the suspects is a convict who is being detained at the Cipinang penitentiary, and he received luxury and special facilities, including a cell that mimics an office space, complete with a television set and CCTV," the agencys Deputy of Eradication, Inspector General Arman Depari in Jakarta, Tuesday (13/6).

Moreover, he revealed that two other individuals were suspected of working as staff and another British national identified as An Cal oversaw financial matters.

"In order to clamp down on the drug network, the agency does not stop at merely arresting the suspects but also investigated its assets and the results of money laundering," Depari remarked.
Theres Rp39 Billion in Luxury Jail of Freddy Budiman Subordinates
Budiman was one of the four convicts who was put on death row and was executed on the Nusakambangan Island of Cilacap, Central Java, on July 29, last year.

The West Jakarta district court had imposed the punishment on Budiman over the import of 1,412,479 ecstasy pills from China in May 2012.

He had earlier been arrested in 2009 for possessing 500 grams of methamphetamine and was sentenced to three years and four months in jail.

Budiman came in contact with the authorities again in 2011, as he was caught with hundreds of grams of methamphetamine and core materials for making ecstasy pills in his possession. He was then sentenced to 18 years in jail for a drug case in Sumatra and served his sentence at the Cipinang correctional facility.

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