See Keanon Ways to Reach His Racing Career Sponsors

See Keanon Ways to Reach His Racing Career Sponsors
Keanon Santoso in Formula 4 South East Asia Championship
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JAKARTA - Indonesia never lost from young talents in all fields, including in sports. A young racer with a myriad of achievements now starting to come and scent name of Indonesia in international arena.

Not many people know if Keanon Santoso, this 16-year-old boy has just completed Formula 4 Southeast Asia (F4/SEA) which held at Sepang, Malaysia recently. The success of Keanon soon resumed in Formula Masters, one class above Formula 4.

Previously, Keanon finished seventh in Race 3, the fifth F4/SEA event in Buriram, Thailand.

"Unfortunately, motorsport in Indonesia is still less supported by government," said Keanon in Jakarta, recently.
This High school students who jumped into world of racing since 9 years old get example from his idol in Indonesia racing
world, Rio Haryanto who had minimal government support. In fact, Rio is first Indonesian racer who perform in Formula One (F1).

Reflecting from Rio, Keanon did not want to have the same fate with his idol. He is ready to show the achievement to be ogled by various prestigious sponsors.

"Definitely look for private sponsors. I really want to seriously become a professional racer," he said.
See Keanon Ways to Reach His Racing Career Sponsors
Early in his racing career, Keanon started from a karting race held by the place he used to play. In the race Keanon won first prize. After winning, he was invited to race at Sentul. In Sentul Keanon's skills in the race continue to grow from cadets, juniors, seniors, cars, until finally now Formula.

Keanon is currently performing in Formula 4 Sout East Asia Championship season 2016-2017. Currently Formula 4 South East Asia is still rolling and will be held in Thailand and Malaysia. Appearing in Formula 4 South East Asia Championship is a way to achieve Keanon Santoso's dream of appearing in Formula 1 Series.

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