Tontowi/Liliyana Reached Indonesia Open Semifinal

Tontowi/Liliyana Reached Indonesia Open Semifinal
Tontowi Yahya/Liliana Natsir when beat Malaysian players, Kian Meng Tan/Pei Jing Lai in Indonesian Open 2017 quarter final / Sindonews
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JAKARTA - Indonesia double mix, Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir step on gas in arena of Indonesia Open Super Series 2017. Both of them bulldoze they opponent and advance to the semifinals within 45 minutes.

Tontowi/Liliyana is still too strong for the Malaysian pl
ayers, Kian Meng Tan/Pei Jing Lai. Although the status of sixth seed, this Indonesia's flagship success picked 21-18 and 21-16 victory in the game on Friday (16/6) night.

In that match, Tontowi/Liliyana so dominant. They are hardly ever left behind in collecting numbers. Through slick cooperation, both make opponents overwhelmed.

New difficulties experienced by the couple known name Owi/Butet it in second game. Several times the same score occurs. However, because they do not want to lose in front of loyal supporters, they can stop the opponent's game.

However, Owi/Butet should be more vigilant in the semifinals. Therefore, Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic gold medalist will return to meet the pair of Malaysia, Peng Soon Chan/Yen Wei Peck.

Thanks to these results Owi/Butet keep up the Indonesia after the representative in the other mixed doubles eliminated. This incision also make up for embarrassing results in last season which stalled in the second round.

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