Soon, Indonesian Movie in James Bond Scene Location

Soon, Indonesian Movie in James Bond Scene Location
One of 'Satu Hari Nanti' scene in Kleinn-Scheidegg, Jungfrau, Switzerland
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JAKARTA - In last few years racing trends treat of abroad panorama in Indonesian films. Currently, producers seemed to compete to present the scenery of five continents.

This time it's Evergreen Pictures and Rum
ah Film that offer a beautiful view of Europe continent . The movie project, titled 'Satu Hari Nanti' will be their collaboration with Switzerland government ready to present the city's landscape as background.

What cities are selected? Starting from Thun and Interlaken. Furthermore there is still Brienz, Bern, as well as one of the highest
Europe mountain, Jungfrau. Thun is a small town famous for its pretty lake, besides there is also an old castle along with small river that must be visited.

Interlaken is a popular tourist destination in Switzerland, located between two large lakes, Thun Lake and Brienz
Lake. Then proceed to the Jungfrau tourist resort, named Jungfraujoch. This is a unique tourist spot built between Jungfrau Peak and Monch Peak which is part of the Alpen.

Tourists can take a two hour train journey to the top. And this place was become location of a James Bond film titled 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'.

Then Brienz, the city that stores the treasures of traditional Swiss culture and looks at the architecture of his home. Here is a vast lake that when winter turns into an ice lake. And lastly there is Bern, Swiss capital of beautiful nan. Here are many world heritages protected by UNESCO, a blend of skyscrapers and classical buildings that are still original from the first.

'Satu Hari Nanti' written and directed by Salman Aristo. The storyline thrusts a ballad of two pairs of anxious lovers in build commitment in overseas country. This film include Deva Mahenra, Adinia Wirasti, Ringgo Agus, to Ayushita Nugraha as starring.

"Full location in Switzerland. Scripts, 99 percent of the stories are there. We also produce production in Switzerland, without having to make a trick set in Indonesi
a," said Salman in Jakarta, recently.
The shooting process took place since mid-November 2016 ago. Currently the film is still in post-production process. As for the release date, Dienan Silmy
as producer ensured around the end of 2017.

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