Why This Duo DJ Offer Painkilling Music?

Why This Duo DJ Offer Painkilling Music?
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JAKARTA - Not many duo like Beauz in Indonesia. Duo DJ founded Bernie and Johan is trying to fight in the music industry of Indonesia. Like the pronunciation: an anesthetic, Beauz tries to offer painkilling music.

"We are inspired to make chic music. We want our listeners to feel stylish and sophisticated while listening our music. For us, Beauz is not just music, but a style, thought and movement, "said Bernie and Johana in Jakarta, Friday (17/6).

auz was originally inspired by French word: beau. Its inherent meaning is beauty, youth and love, whereas its literal definition is a dandy gentleman. They aspire to make music that are chic, and want our listeners to feel stylish and sophisticated when they listen to our music. For him, Beauz is not just music, Beauz is a style, a state of mind, and a movement too.

"The triangle logo symbolizes a pair of shades that separates our physical appearance from our music. Since
Beauz is a style, everyone can be Beauz . Through our music, we aim to create an identity that everyone from different cultural origins can establish as their own," said Bernie.
Born and raised in a transnational cultural background,
Bernie and Johan Yang is an electronic dance music producer & DJ duo who strive to create and imprint ageless tunes inside the minds of their audiences. At the dawn of their career, the brothers have made a name for themselves through their signature "Dreamixes" and infectious "G-mixes".

As winners of the 2016 "Quicksand" remix competition hosted by progressive house heavyweights Feenixpawl & APEK, the brothers have ceaselessly improved their skills to bring fresh sonic pleasure to their listeners. As their career matures, they have also become more selective with what they release. With tracks signed to Spinnin' Records, Armada Music, Trap Nation, and Panda Funk Records, the duo continues to set the bar higher with each release.

Having performed at major venues in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco, including Exchange LA, The Roxy, 1OAK, SLS Foxtail and more, BEAUZ never ceases to please the crowd with their energy, passion, and creativity. While Bernie showcases passion and extraordinary talent towards futuristic sound designs and dance floor anthems, Johan expresses aptitude in infesting emotions through his melodies, song-writing and arrangements.

The polar nature of their musicality induces a rare balance between fist pumping and tear dropping, and it is always delivered through the creations they produced as a team. Dubbing themselves "Creators. Magicians. Pain Killers. Dreamweavers", the USC and UC Berkeley producer duo is determined to heal people through their music and promote positivity to the world.

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