Welcome Smartphone Marketing with Insights-Driven Based

Welcome Smartphone Marketing with Insights-Driven Based
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JAKARTA - It's been a full decade since the first generation iPhone launch, and it is easy to forget that life has ever been so easy for smartphone manufacturers.

At the same time each year, consumers will earnestly waiting for the latest gadget launch. There is plenty of time to create a sensation, either it's a big screen, waterproof, or a revolutionary camera.

However, much has changed in the last decade. Currently, smartphone marketers have a more difficult job. Here's why: Not exactly "me too". After years of catch up in the department technology, smaller and newer brands are starting to arrive while local brands also growing globally.

"The features on the smartphone become almost identical, so it is almost impossible for a brand's "great product" to stand out. For example, Although smartphones are categorized as price ranges such as medium and high range. Most brands currently offer at least a HD screen resolution of 1920 x 1080," said Bjoern Kroog, Market Research Category research on GfK .

He said, in POS tracking by GfK, he realize that most of the smartphones are years old then bought in ASEAN is a phone with HD screen resolution is, despite the price vary according to brand.

Longer is not always the best. Consumers keep their smartphone more long since the telecom company has terminated its short-term mobile contract. This means less likely consumers to buy a new phone. Too fast too great. With consumers storing their smartphones more old and new models continue to be introduced to the market at a faster rate, brand now has a shorter window time to market their smartphone effectively.

"While, you may think that an expensive smartphone will be better protected of obsolescence, but the truth is the opposite: our data for Asia shows that a smartphone with a higher price has an average lifespan of only 14 months. Meanwhile, cheaper counterparts survived an average of 16 months," he said.
Welcome Smartphone Marketing with Insights-Driven Based
And what does this mean? The combination of all the above factors means one thing to marketers: reducing opportunities sales. This explains the tendency of ad campaigns that do not survive old, focusing specifically on new product launches. It also means there is less time for brands to provide margin.

With reduced deadlines and higher bets than before, the success of the next campaign will depend on the use of market intelligence which is effective to communicate and market the product.

To remain relevant, marketers need to take advantage of all the tools they have. As example, mix marketing model can evaluate the performance of marketing campaigns in various kinds of media - both online and offline. Important insights gained marketers to strategize and allocate the appropriate budget for resulting in a maximum return on investment (ROI).

Research intelligence will also help support the brand marketing goals in the short and long term. Along with the mature technology market, it will be even harder for you to differentiate your product from competitors. Currently, though it is still possible to only promote product features, will be more effective for advertising campaigns to focus on advantages of products and an exciting brand experience, to meet the "connected consumers ".

"As a marketer, it is very important to determine what to advertise, however the more important is to understand how your target market reacts to communication. Our research says that contributions are made from a variety of variations media vary by industry and brand. For example, more innovative technology products benefit from digital media advertising, not traditional media advertising. Apart from the channel media, it is also important to ensure that the campaign format and timing are aligned with
your goal - whether this is to increase sales in the short term or building brand equity for the long term," he said.

In addition, through our POS analysis, sales impact and ROI from marketing activities can be evaluated using data tracking assets and modeling techniques leading econometrics, allowing brands to simulate the outcome of the plan sales and marketing insights for marketing and sales success in today's consumer level, "connected consumers" continue to seek that experience interesting.

To be successful, a product or service must be intuitive, useful and interesting while creating an unforgettable experience. With experiential research intelligence users, brands can take advantage of user insights to improve the design their products, concepts and prototypes of their products, in order to build and maintain a positive user experience.
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