Six e-Commerce Ready to Digitalize Zakat

Six e-Commerce Ready to Digitalize Zakat
Digital zakat application
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JAKARTA - Six e-commerce applications are ready to serve the payment of zakat and community charity now. The six e-commerce are,,,, and

Director of
Coordination for Collection, Communication and Information  National Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas), Arifin Purwakananta said, service development of Baznas make it easier for people to pay zakat. Because, during this time not infrequently the difficulty of access to pay zakat.

"Baznas is working with six major e-commerce companies to facilitate Indonesians and overseas to feel comfortable and secure paying their zakat," Arifin said in Jakarta, Saturday (17/6).

Through this service, the community can calculate zakat which must be paid. In month of Ramadan 1438 Hijriah, Baznas targets 30 percent of the amount of zakat collection derived from digital transactions.

"Looking at behavior of people who increasingly likes to transact in digital way, we are optimistic to collect 30 percent from target of Rp6 trillion national zakat managed by Baznas center, province, district/city and also the official Amil Zakat Institute (LAZ) in Indonesia," said Arifin.

This effort is also part of following the tastes and trends of people who are currently shifting to digital trends.

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