MDI Ventures Leads Pre-Serie A Funding for Kofera

MDI Ventures Leads Pre-Serie A Funding for Kofera
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JAKARTA - Kofera Technology, a technology startup company which providing marketing automation platform from Indonesia, has been able to raise funding of Pre-Series A led by MDI Ventures and followed by Indosterling Capital, Discovery Nusantara (DNC) and Gunung Sewu. MDI Ventures itself is a corporate venture capital owned by Telkom Group.

Kofera Technology is only startup
from Indonesia that provides Software as a Service (SaaS) marketing automation platform based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning in Southeast Asia.

The purpose of digital marketing automation created by Kofera is to help companies spend cost marketing efficiently and run an effective marketing campaign.

"Currently more than 5,000 accounts with different types of business models have been registered on the Kofera platform. This Pre-Series A funding will help us for product development, research and market expansion to achieve sustainable growth," said Bachtiar Rifai, CEO of Kofera Technology in Jakarta, Monday (19/6).

Talking about market potential and the role of Kofera platform, Rifai explained, the increasing needs of digital marketing campaign companies in Indonesia is not comparable with the least amount of talent or human resources available today.

The scarcity of talent in the digital industry resulted in a surge in the cost of hiring or forming an ideal in-house team. On the other hand, according to Google Temasek research, the increasing needs of digital marketing campaign is also visible from digital advertising spending in 2015 which reached 200 million US dollars and is predicted to reach 2.7 billion US dollars in 2025.

"In other words, digital advertising expenditure in 2017 is expected to increase to 507 million US dollars.Hence Kofera present to close the gap that exists between the needs of a high digital marketing campaign, scarcity and high cost of forming an in-house team and the increasing Shopping digital advertising, "said Rifai.
MDI Ventures Leads Pre-Serie A Funding for Kofera
Through intelligent marketing automation platform, Kofera can help  company to achieve marketing campaign objectives effectively and efficiently. The effectiveness of digital marketing campaign is measured by the use of human resources, tools, platforms / software and the amount of time spent.

"This is where Kofera plays a role in integrating and automating the marketing process more effectively with the company's current resources.In terms of efficiency, Kofera helps companies to optimize budget use with smart algorithms to reduce costs while still achieving marketing campaign objectives," he continued.

In terms of enhancing the advantages of marketing automation platforms, Kofera also offers four fundamental modules consisting of Campaign Builder, Optimizer, Monitoring and Analytics. The module integrates with a digital channel that includes search, display, remarketing, and social media.

These platforms have been optimized in varying ways to achieve their respective digital marketing campaign goals across a range of industry backgrounds and enterprise scale and targeted customer targets.

"For SME clients, Kofera provides a solution that makes it possible to advertise on digital channels very easily thanks to the friendly interface, as well as AI automation and machine learning," said Rifai.

At higher levels such as E-commerce business model that has a lot of inventory and large data, Kofera marketing automation plays a role to cut the process of campaign marketing campaigns are manual, repetitive and time-consuming.

"One thing that differentiates Kofera with competitors is the use of end-to-end machine learning in campaign services and integrates campaign building and campaign monitoring as well as optimization," explained Rifai.
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