Allegedly Sucked by Mysterious Beast, Dozens of Cattle No Blood at All

Allegedly Sucked by Mysterious Beast, Dozens of Cattle No Blood at All
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SAMARINDA - Since end of Ramadan to Eid Fitri, residents in neighborhood of Magelang road, Lempake, North Samarinda Sub-district made restless with existence of mysterious animals. The strange animal allegedly preyed citizens cattle.

The horrible, that mysterious animal ever caught by dog-headed and human-headed. In addition, the mysterious animal tail was also seen to resemble a ponytail.

Eyewitnesses who have seen the mysterious beast is Sueb (32), a local resident who when carrying out the patrolling. At that time Sueb was carrying out patrolling around his residence on Tuesday (27/6) morning.

At around 1:00 pm, Sueb witnessed the strange shaped animals themselves. Actually Sueb plans to catch him after curious to hear the news of the subject of many cattle that died mysteriously. But once they are facing with the beast, Sueb became scared.

"The dog's body, but the human head. I can not move the body when the animal passes, keep going into the forest behind the house," said Sueb as reported by Samarinda Pos.

Information which obtained, in last 10 days, dozens of cattle die horribly. That residents cattle die with the condition with blood dries up, and leaving some bites in the body. Bites leave marks of holes found in the neck, thighs to the abdomen. Usually the cattle die at night, without making noise or noise.

Residents believe goats and chickens death totaling 45. After blood is sucked and cattle die, then left alone.

Asrodi (52), a resident of RT 16 mentioned, previously he had 8 goats. A week ago, two goats died in a cage. Then on Tuesday (27/6) two goats back dead, also in the cage.

"All died from bites and strangely no blood spots. In the body of the goat is also not a drop of blood that remains," said Asrodi.

Asrodi had dismantled the grave of his dead goat, not far from his cage. When examined there was a bite mark on the goat's stomach and blood stains sticking around the bite.

So furious and curious, Asrodi plans to find out and witnessed the cause of the death of his cattle.

"Tuesday night I was already on guard. Exactly at 02:00 pm in the morning I saw two dog-shaped animals roaming around the cage. One big white feathered tail and one small brown hair," he said.

Asrodi was convinced it was the animal that killed his cattle. He who was hiding not far from the cage immediately chased the animal down to the middle of the field. Asrodi had thrown his machete, but unfortunately not about the animal being pursued.
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