Monitoring Sileri Eruption, Basarnas Helicopter Fall Down

Monitoring Sileri Eruption, Basarnas Helicopter Fall Down
Helicopter of National SAR Agency (Basarnas) which fall down at Temanggung, Central Java
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TEMANGGUNG - Helicopter belonging to National SAR Agency (Basarnas) reportedly fell in the Canggal, Candiroto, Temanggung, Central Java on Sunday (2/7) afternoon. The news said there were two casualties in the incident.

Head of Basarnas Semarang, Agus H, until now can not be confirmed related events.

As known, Basarnas helicopter is actually helicopter which prepared to monitor the condition of traffic flow during Eid Fitri season.

The plan, helicopter was going to Dieng to monitor the condition of the eruption of Sileri crater, Dieng which erupted this afternoon.

Before rumored to fall, PR of Basarnas Semarang, Affandi to claim to be going to Dieng by using this helicopter. Affandi itself was in Weleri and will be picked up from Semarang to go to Dieng.

Before leaving to Wonosobo, this Basarnas helicopter conducted a reverse air monitoring in the northern coastal region of Central Java

Reported, there are journalists who participated became victims. But certainly reporters from two TV station has been dropped at Ahmad Yani
airport, Semarang.

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