Merauke Palm Plantation Can be First Role Model

Merauke Palm Plantation Can be First Role Model
Merauke palm plantations
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MERAUKE - The community of ulayat land owners in Merauke district, Papua hopes to immediately manage their community palm plantations.

Hopefully, management of this community plantations will be able to improve the economy and welfare of the local community.
As stated by Hendrikus Mahuze, Chairman of Customary Customs who is also Chief of Kindiki village, Muting District, Merauke Regency, his party welcomes plan to open palm oil plantation area in this community.
He also hopes pattern of cooperation between ulayat owners and palm oil companies in Merauke can be implemented immediately.
"With reduced activity of company at this time due to the temporary suspension of land expansion due to the negative campaign of foreign NGOs, causing the decline also the income of community," said Hendrik, Tuesday (4/7).
He added, many communities and including employees expect the moratorium to be revoked so that people can work normally.
According to him, with the opening of oil palm plantation, this community will open a wider employment and able to increase community income.
Separately, Frederikus Mahuse, Chairman of Lembaga Masyarakat Adat (LMA) Okaba said, if this program will bring good to the community, he will fully support the program.
The LMA warns the company to fulfill community's communal rights. In addition, to determine the community land needs to be considered customary ceremonies.
Previously, one of the palm oil companies in Merauke expressed its commitment to grant 20 percent of its Palm Utilization Right land in Papua, which then the community's palm oil plantation will be fully managed by ulayat owners.
In the case of a proportional division, either to the clan member or sub-clan will be left entirely to the clan leader who has full authority.
On the plan of community plantation management in this ulayat land, Syueb Abuhanifah, a social and cultural researcher from the center of biodiversity studies and tropical forest rehabilitation (BIOREF), Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) said that if the company succeeds in implementing this program in Papua This can be a new and first model in Indonesia that implements community plantation on ulayat lands.
"This model is different from the plasma system in general due to the characteristics of land ownership in Papua. Ownership of the land is ulayat land, so it is different with oil palm plantations in general, "said Syueb.
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