When Zakat Capable Revive Small Business Productivity

When Zakat Capable Revive Small Business Productivity
Director of Finance, Human Resources and General PT Penjaminan Jamkrindo Syariah, Endang Sri Winarni handed symbolically zakat PT Jamsyar to Director of Coordination Collection, Communication and Information Zakat Nasional Baznas, Arifin Purwakananta
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BOGOR - Many middle-low society don't want to give up with conditions of his life which barely. They keep the spirit with very limited capital.

For this reason, National Bureau of Amil Zakat (Baznas) together with PT Penjaminan Syariah (JamSyar) present to empower micro enterprises through productive zakat. This effort hoped will further increase strengthen of productivity.

As perceived by Ninhadir (43). One of beneficiaries of Zakat from Baznas feels zakat able to help her life and family.

Before starting a stall around RT 01/RW 04, Kampung Masjid Bojong Gede, Bogor regency, Ninhadir and her husband, Ishak (52) had a clothing business. Their business stalled when Ishak was sick.

At the same time, Ninhadir had to pay his children's school fees. From the information which she got, Ninhadir was advised to ask for help to Baznas. Her efforts were not in vain. She received business capital assistance for her stall.

"The turnover of my stall now Rp1 million a day, and it continues to be spun for capital," she said on sidelines of zakat submission from Baznas for economic empowerment in Bojong Gede, Bogor, recently.
Four years open a shop, this women from Haruku Island, Maluku can send four children to school, one of whom even graduated from a university.

Ninhadir itself has received three times business capital assistance from Baznas in the form of merchandise plus stalls renovation that she leases.

Director of Coordination of Collection, Communication and Information of National Zakat Baznas, Arifin Purwakananta explained, in addition to business capital assistance, Baznas also provides training and mentoring. As long as beneficiaries enter the mustahik group, assistance can be integrated, they also can access scholarships for their children, health services, and other services from Baznas.

Arifin also said, company's zakat as issued by JamSyar through Baznas could revive community stalls.

"The key is business owned by community, so our progress is not only measured from economic growth but also how much contribution to mustahik and small entrepreneur," said Arifin.

According to him, currently there are many companies that have not pay zakat, because not all companies write in the deed of establishment of the company that they will pay zakat from the proceeds of the profits.

The portion of zakat on the company also still a small percentage of the overall target of collecting zakat, infaq and sodaqah by Baznas.

"With Rp240 billion of potential corporate zakat, we just targeted only Rp5 billion, so the figure is still very small," Arifin said.

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