Start Unveiled 2016, Gracia Indri Sues Divorce in 2017

Start Unveiled 2016, Gracia Indri Sues Divorce in 2017
David Noah and Gracia Indri
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BANDUNG - The household of David, one of Noah band personel with artist Gracia Indri on the verge of divorce. Gracia, through her lawyer filed for divorce to Bandung District Court (PN) on July 4, 2017 ago.

Currently, Bandung District Court is seeking mediation between both of them.

"The mediation effort must exist, in accordance with Regulation of the Supreme Court, either civil case or divorce, the panel of judges will attempt to reconcile the two sides," said Public Relation of Bandung District Court, Wasdi Permana at Bandung District Court building, Wednesday (12/7) .

He argues, this mediation effort was done after the initial trial which is still formulated by Bandung District Court. Panel of judges will ask both parties to make peace.

"If it can be peaceful, so there is no longer a case. But if not then proceed with mediation," he said.

Later both parties, Gracia and David were given the opportunity to mediate.

"To be neutral, we submit to the panel of judges to appoint lawyers, both the plaintiffs (Gracia) and the defendant (David) must be present should not be represented," Wasdi asserted.

Issue about cracks of they households had appeared in 2016 ago, but covered up. Gracia spoke after the issue widened.

"The announcement is silent, but the silence is wrong, more silent, more news becomes everywhere," said Gracia in West Jakarta, in 2016.

Wasdi himself admitted if the lawsuit filed Gracia namely article 19 letter f PP No 9 1975, the point is about the continuous squabble and can not be expected to get along again.

According to him, usually before the trial begins with reading of the lawsuit, assembly will try to reconcile them through mediation. Usually the mediator is a person appointed directly by both, or a judge which mediator
certified in Bandung District Court.

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