Yogyakarta No Need Toll Road

Yogyakarta No Need Toll Road
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YOGYAKARTA - Governor of special district of Yogyakarta (DIY) Sri Sultan HB X rejects any plan to build toll road in the region on fear of affecting stability of the local economy.

"No toll road in Yogyakarta. It is not that it is disallowed but the Central Government also agrees (that Yogyakarta does not need toll road)," the Sultan said on Thursday (13/7) in Yogyakarta.

"If toll roads are built, public access is closed. Only private parties will have benefit. So, in Yogyakarta there will be no toll roads," he added.

He continue, narrow area of Yogyakarta and the development of tourism must have an impact on the welfare of the people. It could be an existing road widened, but that does not mean having to build a toll road. Thus, the effect can be felt.

"Traders can have sales access and many services are growing," he explained.

He also said in 2019 a new international airport will be operational in Kulon Progo. The access road would be wide a four lane road but not toll road.

Sri Sultan hoped that Gunung Kidul district administration would soon hand over a program for development of infrastructure after the completion of the Kulon Progo airport.

"I will do the negotiations with the central government," he said.

Gunung Kidul Regent, Badingah said more tourists are expected to visit the region with the construction of the new airport in Kulon Progo. He called for the peoples support to accelerate the completion of the project.

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