Much Bigger, Potential Threats of Cross Border Monopoly and Cartel Business

Much Bigger, Potential Threats of Cross Border Monopoly and Cartel Business
Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU)
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JAKARTA - Challenge of law enforcement to eradicate cartel and monopoly mafia is getting bigger. Including for cross borders business which doing business in Indonesia.

"The potential threat (monopoly and cartel, red) become bigger. First seen from the merger and acquisition side, from the merger of company and takeover of company that we handled so far. Not only for domestic company with domestic company, but at most foreign companies acquire or join companies in the country," said Chairman of Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU), Syarkawi Rauf on the sidelines of 17th anniversary of KPPU in Jakarta, Friday (14/7).
The existence of the tendency of foreign companies to acquire Indonesian companies that lead to unhealthy business competition needs to be controlled to
not harm domestic business actors.

"In the future, this process should be controlled and this trend will continue to grow in line with the implementation of ASEAN Economic Community (MEA)," he explained.

Not only in terms of acquisition, unfair business competition that has potential to be born overseas companies also overshadow the side of business cartel. Even the problem is judged to continue to grow due to lack of control.

"We are conducting an investigation into a cartel by six Singapore-based container transport companies that transport goods to Batam, its cartel in Singapore but doing business in Indonesia which harmed Indonesian company," he told.

KPPU, he continued, at the age of 17 years targets to increase its role in economic growth both at domestic and regional and international level.

According to Syarkawi, implementation of fair business competition law in Southeast Asia has not run well, even some countries are still in the formation stage of the authority of business competition institutions.

"KPPU should also be able to go up to a class like the Japanese business competition authorities that are able to help other countries. We hope this year other countries such as Myanmar, Papua New Guinea and others will be able to gather in Jakarta to assist in the implementation of competition law enforcement effort, so that KPPU will also be able to become a leader in business competition law enforcement," he said.

Cooperation of the business competition authority in each ASEAN country is affirmed, must be prepared to face the business actors who conduct monopoly or other unfair business competition activity.

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