Tio Pakusadewo Hit by Alphard

Tio Pakusadewo Hit by Alphard
Tio Pakusadewo when treated at hospital / Instagram
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JAKARTA - A traffic accident happened to actor Tio Pakusadewo. The incident was confirmed in an upload of Tio Instagram @pksdw, Monday (17/7).

In photo description mentioned if the producer of film 'Ngawur' is involved a collision between a motorcycle and a car.

"Mini trail vs Alphard," Tio wrote.

In photo, the injured Tio's thigh was stitched and showing a deep wound. A bandage wrapped slightly over his knee.

After undergoing treatment at hospital, Tio is allowed to return to his residence. He thanked the public for his attention. His condition is improving now, although right foot is bandaged.

"I'm fine. Thank you for your attention," Tio said in a short video on Monday (17/7).

"Do not ride motorcycle with no lights," continued actor film of 'Pantjasila'.

Winner of
Citra in Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) at 1991 had a traffic accident on Saturday (15/7) night. The motorcycle which he was driving was hit in back by a car.

As a result of the accident, Tio fell off the motor causing his right foot to get some stitches and broken bones. Until now Tio condition has gradually improved.
Many netizens are seen writing sad and sorry for Tio's injuries. Meanwhile, it is not known when Tio will re-engage because of the wound.

"Sad to see... Oh God, hopefully heal quickly om @pksdw and quickly recovered so that it can move again soon.. Amin," wrote one netizen.

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