Majority, Coffee Consumers Still Not Noticed The Taste

Majority, Coffee Consumers Still Not Noticed The Taste
Octo Iskandardinata, General Manager of Potum Coffee with Brand Ambassador of Potum Coffee, Nina Wang in PRJ arena, Jakarta, recently
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JAKARTA - Coffee culture in Indonesian society considered quite good. But unfortunately, in average of Indonesian coffee lovers still less aware taste of coffee itself.

"On average they only know hanging out," said Octo Iskandardinata, General Manager of Potum Coffee in PRJ arena, Jakarta, recently.

This is one of the foundations for Potum Coffe to export their coffee product to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and United States (US). From licking Potum Coffee products to these two countries, it is seen if Potum Coffee products do have their own taste.

Octo himself has a suggestion to build coffee culture in Indonesia for better.

"What we emphasize is the quality of coffee, so if they want to compare between Potum Coffee and coffee in generally, be pleasure. We do not compete with common sachets of coffee which sold publicly because our segmentation is different," he said.

Octo added, soon, Pottum Coffee will opened cafe with premium concept in accordance with quality of coffee which served by Potum Coffee.

"Our cafe will be elegant in shape, there are gold and chrome shades, the area is big and 24 hours nonstop, we will involve our Brand Ambassador, Nina Wang," explained Octo.

To note, Potum Coffee is coffee derived from coffee plantations at Gayo, Aceh which grows at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. Volcanic soils, high altitudes, high elevations, conducive climate and slopes that are one of the ideal environments to grow this Arabica coffee tree to produce the best coffee beans with different characteristics from the usual coffee.

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