Nine Men Allegedly to Gay Party at Songgoriti Hot Springs

Nine Men Allegedly to Gay Party at Songgoriti Hot Springs
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MALANG - Batu City Police secures people from hot water baths in Songgoriti area, Kota Batu, East Java. They consist of nine people suspected of having a gay party and two guardians of the sights.

Nine men suspected of having gay party initials B (37), a resident of Batu City; R (26), resident of Malang City; IA (38), residents of Malang Regency; PS (27), resident of Malang City; RAS (16), a resident of Batu City; YHA (18), resident of Batu City; RI (42), a resident of Batu City; WH (37), residents of Surabaya and S (51), residents of Malang.

Meanwhile, two guardians who participated secured for questioning known initials AP (49) and ATP (23), both are citizens of Batu City.

"All that we secured, we have asked for information and we are back again because there is no evidence of a criminal offense," said Head of Resort Police Batu Budi Hermanto, Sunday (30/7).

According to Budi, they have been asked to make a statement in writing not to engage in prostitution, immoral, or pornography activities in Batu City tourism area. If later found strong evidence of a criminal offense, he promised to take firm action against the perpetrators of prostitution.

The effort to reveal the development of same-sex prostitution business in Batu City area has been done by Resort Police of Batu City since July 25, 2017. This is based on the report of the community, who suspect the existence of same-sex prostitution activities in Batu City. This report is also based on community monitoring on social media.

Budi mentioned, a information has indeed become viral in social media, which has formed the
Gay of Batu City Association (Igaba).

"They are rumored to be partying in Songgoriti, so we do the raid on the location on Sunday (30/7) at 02.00 WIB, so we secure 11 people, which we have returned to their families," he said.

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