Deterrence Bribe's and Corruption, Society Must be Active

Deterrence Bribes and Corruption, Society Must be Active
Chairman of BPI, Rahmad Sukendar with Irwil V Itwasum National Police when opening workhsop
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BANDUNG - To encourage the community to participate in overseeing corruption cases in various regions throughout Indonesia, the Independent Research of State Wealth and Budget Supervisor (BPI KPN PA RI) West Java Province held a workshop in Bandung, West Java on 27-28 July 2017.

Worshop entitled 'Public Participation in Corruption Prevention and Eradication Efforts' was attended by representatives from BPI KPNPA RI 22 Provinces of Indonesia, various elements of society, members of BPI to state apparatus such as Irwasum Polri, Commission III of DPR RI, Supreme Audit Board (Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan BPK) representatives of West Java and representatives of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

Chairman of BPI, TB Rahmad Sukendar said the workshop was conducted in rotation to provide debriefing to members and local communities to be active in eradicating corruption cases.

"This workshop is also to provide debriefing to the community and members to work according to their function and not to be promised, to be bribed and even to commit do corruption," said Rahmat.

Meanwhile, Chairman of PARFI who is also Chairman of KFT and Daily Chief of BPI, Febryan Aditya added that the workshop is very useful for members and society who work, including artists to filmmakers.

"I am as chairman of the daily here is the motor of the organizers to move BPI to the community is also supported by the artist and community wherever located," said Febryan.
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