It's Time Qurban to be Source for 'Exchange' of Rural People

Its Time Qurban to be Source for Exchange of Rural People
Recipient of qurban animals from Baznas
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JAKARTA - The qurban worship in Eid al-Adha is not only a form that is recommended for Muslims. Qurban is also capable of being a contribution to community empowerment.

National Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas) assessed, through the program '
Kurban Empower Villages', qurban worship can be a source of foreign exchange for the community, especially those living in the countryside. The rotation of the economic wheel in the countryside will be able to help improve the living standard of the better society.

"The improvement of nutrition and economy will be greatly felt by the beneficiaries of the 'K
urban Empowered Village'," said Member of Baznas, Nana Mintarti in Jakarta, Thursday (3/8).

She mentioned that there are several benefits of this program, among them, empowering small farmers in the village ranging from hatcheries to qurb
an animal sales, promoting village trade, and improving the nutrition of the meat-consuming beneficiaries who rarely eat meat.

Another benefit is to increase derivative industries from farmers such as the use of animal skins, seeds, fodder and others, and improve the village economy through the distribution of money from city to village.

"Also improving the 'gotong royong' of villagers in the distribution of
qurban meat," he said.

Baznas then
will absorb the qurban animals that have been prepared by small farmers in the villages with the best price. The person who will carry out qurban can give money to Baznas. Then, Baznas will spend the money to buy qurban animals to ranchers in the village.

qurban animal will be cut and distributed to the villages in need in 108 village points at 20 provinces as the target beneficiaries of this program, including remote indigenous communities and converts," he said.

Added by Chairman of the
Baznas Committee for Qurban, Julita Nurmasari, there are several ways to  qurban through Baznas. First, people can sacrifice via e-commerce or by direct transfer to Baznas. People can also qurban through Baznas counter in the offices and banks.

"Next, Baznas will choose the point of distribution of
qurban animal. After the qurban animal is cut, Baznas will send the report to the sacrifice through Baznas," said Julita.

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