After ICEEI 2017, Chinese Factory Relocation Became Short Target

After ICEEI 2017, Chinese Factory Relocation Became Short Target
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JAKARTA - Free market era now makes all products from overseas vying to enter Indonesia. Chinese products are one of them. Through the exhibition of electronic products in accordance with market tastes, Chinese manufacturers want to embrace the younger generation in Indonesia.

Since August 3, 100 companies from China have participated in the exhibition of newest electronic technology products titled International Consumer Electronics Expo Indonesia (ICEEI) 2017 in Jakarta until August 5, 2017.

"Target for short, in addition to introducing the latest technology, we hope there is relocation of Chinese factories in Indonesia. We expect 30-40 percent in 2018," said representative of KADIN Indonesia Committee of China, Hasan Kosasih in Jakarta, Thursday (3/8).

Hasan added that companies from China who participated in the exhibition, put forward the products of telecommunications and accessories, computer hardware and software, wireless equipment, data storage devices and robot products and smart home.

"Factory relocation is the main objective of this exhibition. Jobs vacancy getting more open and increasing foreign exchange for the country," he continued,

With relocation, Chinese investors will also know the conditions of industry in Indonesia, including competitive wage labor.

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