Standing Since 1919, Ny Meneer Finally 'Tired'

Standing Since 1919, Ny Meneer Finally Tired
PT Nyonya Meneer
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SEMARANG - The court's verdict stating that the herbalist corporation, PT Nyonya Meneer went bankrupt to shock many people. The history of this legendary herb factory is so long in Indonesia.

Herbal cap 'Nyonya Meneer' is legend, at least for the 1990s to 2000 with its very famous tagline: 'Standing Since 1919'. But on Thursday, August 3, 2017, District Court (PN) of Semarang declared PT Nyonya Meneer bankrupt.

Thousands of workers welcomed the decision of the Semarang District Court. They hope soon to get the rights of salary pending and severance after decades of work.

"If the workers are usually saddened by the bankruptcy status of the company, but we are grateful for the decision. Because according to the new law, the employee becomes the top priority to be paid his rights," said Susanto, employee representative of PT Nyonya Meneer in Semarang on Friday (4/8).

The man who worked for 26 years at the herbal medicine factory is admitted to continue to follow the legal process that twisted his company. Until the hammer tap the panel of judges led by Nani Indrawati favor of unsecured creditors origin Palur village, Turisari, Sukoharjo, Hendrianto Bambang Santoso.

"There are about 1,100 workers in Nyonya Meneer. This year everything is not paid a salary. After we calculated the dependents of the company to all the workers reached Rp80 billion. I hope soon be paid," he said.

According to him, after the verdict, the curator and supervisory judge will inventory the company's assets. Then the funds earned from the sale of assets will be used to pay the debts.

"The main priority of the debt payment is for laborers, then unsecured creditors, taxes and so forth," said Susanto.

Just known, PT Nyonya Meneer who stood in 1919 sued for bankruptcy because it has some debts to some creditors. On June 8, 2015, the Commercial Court of Semarang ratify the peace agreement between the debtor and the creditor 35 on Suspension of Payment (PKPU) on 27 May 2015. However, the decision of the Commercial Court is being sued by one of its creditors, Hendrianto and then granted the judges Semarang District Court.

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